With this 'beast' of a project, Asylum was involved with making numerous costumes for lead characters, as well as fabricating parts for background cast members.

Mrs. Potts, Cogsworth and Madame Grande Bouche (the chestadraws) were the most prominent, involving model making with foam materials and overlaying fabrics. Lumiere had an element of engineering, as his candle hands had to light with real flames. Fire retardant fibreglass was used for the casing and gas bottles were connected via hidden tubes to supply the fuel. Chip was a simple full clay sculpt that was moulded and cast in fibreglass.

For most of the inhabitants of Beast's castle, foam flourishes were stitched onto their costumes. These were all hand sculpted at Asylum, moulded and then editioned in dense foam, so flexibility in the outfits were maintained. Fabricated hats and giant plates with lights were also made for the 'Be Our Guest' number. Reducing the weight of everything was a major priority, but Asylum rose to the challenge.

Client: Joop van den Ende Theaterproducties

Asylum Supervisor: Mark Mason

Work - Live